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MEDIAPLANETARIA is the ultimate worldwide portal that connects to the heart of your favorite country and hometown. It is the top online streaming database on the web, with over 30,000 streaming media; a huge collection of free online newspapers, internet radio, live tv, video, weather, and more; a quick access to your country's favorite daily newspaper, radio station, internet tv, and local video. Listen to your favorite online radio stations or watch tv program (web tv), as if you were there!

Our mission is to bring information and entertainment via free internet media, and provide you with easy and direct access to the country you love. You can read your daily newspaper, listen to your favorite radio stations (web radio), and watch tv (web tv), live and free. If you prefer, you can explore the wonders of the planet by navigating the streets of your favority city. You can search video with the ultimate all-in-one video search engine, or just make new friends around the world via our famous WorldChat. On every visit we will set a brand new experience for you, where you will find entertainment, breaking news, music, video, and a wide range of tools to explore and navigate the whole planet.

MEDIAPLANETARIA is the top media collection on the web: more than 14000 online newspapers, 8000 online radio, and more than 3000 live web tv. All in one place. Our database is updated constantly, and provides free and dynamic feed to your website or blog via our toolbars, widgets, and gadgets.

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